Nightlife in Turkey

Nightlife in Turkey will enliven your spirits after a long day of sightseeing. After finishing the Turkey tours you can take a look at the nightlife in Turkey which is as diverse as the country itself. The holidayers can choose from the various options like the hip and happening nightclubs which are scattered all over the country. If you are in the mood to explore something different then you can drop in at any of the birahanes which are an integral part of the Turkey nightlife. All those who are desirous of having a taste of the authentic Turkish culture must visit the “meyhanes”. Themeyhanes are tavernas which serve a number of drinks like the wine, raki and beer. The drinks are accompanied with delectable delights like mezes which are traditional Turkish starters, juicy kebabs and various seasonal fruits. Turkish delight tours include a visit to the meyhanes which are a favorite haunt for the party animals. If you are in the mood to party then visit the meyhanes. The mood gets merrier as the night progresses and you can dance to the Turkish drums. Nightlife in Turkey is colorful as the country itself and it reflects the nature of the Turks who are generally fun-loving music-loving people. Some of the reputed meyhanes are situated near the Cicek Pasaj in Istanbul. Here you will be thoroughly entertained by the live shows of the street musicians. Beer is the most common drink at most of the birahanes and most of the time entry is restricted to the male members of the family. You will enjoy the folk music of Anatolia at the Saz bars. You will enjoy the solo performance by the singer and all the guests are invited to dance to the tunes. Most of the melodies speak of the pangs of war and love. All the guests can participate in halay, the traditional dance form of Turkey. Nightlife in Turkey also comprises belly dance performances which are part of the Oriental themes of the nightclubs. Check out the performances of Romanian and Russian dancers at various nightclubs in Turkey. There is ample source of entertainment for the young crowd who will enjoy the techno upbeat music of rock clubs and discotheques. Some of the famous bars and discotheques in Istanbul are Mojo Blues Bar, Kemanci and the Hayal Kavheshi. Do not miss an evening at the Irish bars and British bars which are situated on the Bar Street. Check out the rock concerts at the open-air cafes.