Nightlife in UAE

Nightlife in UAE is animated and pulsating. The country of UAE is always flooded with a huge number of tourists. Apart from going for sightseeing, the Nightlife in UAE is outstanding.
UAE Nightlife would be incomplete without a visit to the bars, nightclubs and casinos that are scattered all over the country. There is enormous scope of finding nightlife here. The tourists can take the pleasure of Nightlife in all cities of UAE.
Nightlife in UAE is mostly related to bars, wineries, nightclubs and casinos. To feel the pulse of nightlife here, the travelers have a choice of abundant bars in some major hotels, English pubs, discos and clubs. Nightlife in these discos also features live musical nights with both local and international DJs. If the tourists are looking to add more spice to their nightlife experience in UAE, they could even visit the local nightclubs that are teeming with nightlife. Tourists gather there to get a real taste of authentic Arab Nightlife!
If the tourists are looking around for more classical fare, they could visit any of the copious plays, operas and classical musical nights which are also known as mehfils.
Abu Dhabi Nightlife – Nightlife in Abu Dhabi is mainly centered round the hotels. Some of them include The Harvester’s Pub at Sands Hotel, The Tavern, The Sheraton Resort and Towers, Le Meridien’s Gauloises Club. There are also a number of US bars namely Crowne Plaza, Abu Dhabi Grand’s Island Exchange, Hemingway’s and the Jazz Bar from Hilton and the Tequilana Bar.
Dubai Nightlife – If you want to feel the dynamic Nightlife in UAE, do not forget to visit Dubai. The Irish Village is one of the oldest bars in Dubai. There are several clubs namely Planetarium, Planet Hollywood, Wafi City.
Aside from experiencing the animated Nightlife of UAE, the tourists can also experience the gastronomical delights of the city. There is fairly good number of restaurants in the country.

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