Nightlife in Vanuatu

Nightlife usually starts with a shell of Kava.
Numerous kava nakamals are found around Port Vila and Luganville in Santo. If you would like to visit one, ask the Reception or Guest Relation’s desk at your hotel which is the best one in the area. The most popular includes Ronnie’s Nakamal in Nambatu, the Red Light Nakamal, near the hospital and Crows Nest Nakamal.
Most hotels also offer kava tasting on special theme nights. These are recommended as the traditional preparation of kava can be a bit offputting to visitors!
Melanesian Night
Major resort and hotels organize Melanesian-style feasts once or twice a week with kastom dancing, kava drinking, local string bands and traditional food, ideal way to try local delicacies such as laplap, and experience the wonderful singing and dancing for which Ni-Vanuatu are famous, try at Solo’s Feast or Mele Botanical Garden at Mele Bay in Port Vila.
Night Spots
Some of Vila’s best nightspots are the Ni-Vanuatu discos scattered about town. If you want to visit one, its best to go with someone who knows the nightclub scene. Club Vanuatu, a private club in Rue de Paris, has plenty to tempt patrons, including bars, snorker, darts, satellite TV and live bands at the weekends. Other popular haunts for a night on the town inlcude the Port Vila Pub, Mamu Bar, Sugglers, Anchor Inn, Breaka’s Bar & Restaurant, Sunset Bar at the Melanesian and Traders.

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