Nigtlife in Puerto Rico

The Caribbean has a well-deserved reputation as a quiet, laid-back place, where hammocks are more common than discos. But Puerto Ricans, however, truly know how to party, and the nightlife in the island’s bigger cities and resort hotels rivals that of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities!

The San Juan area includes not just the quaintly cobble-stoned old city that looks like a museum movie set, but for the theater, home to fine restaurants, and wild clubs of Santurce as well as the Condado-Isla Verde strip, best for less hectic bar- hopping or trying your luck at a hotel casino. In Piones you’ll remember you are in the tropics, for here nightlife meets the beach.

But it’s not just city nightlife. Many island towns have their own special flavor of fun. Boquern, a students’ haven, Luquillo and Piones, local favorites, and family choices such as La Quancha’s boardwalk or a boat ride on the bio luminescent bay at Parguera are always a treat. You can also leave the big island entirely and head to Vieques, where you can take in some live jazz before taking you head for a midnight swim in phosphorescent waters.
Discover what world travelers have always known: nightlife in the Caribbean means visiting Puerto Rico!

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