Nkongsamba is a city of Cameroun. Located at 145 kilometers of Douala and 370 kilometers of Yaounde is 6 hours of road, Nkongsamba is a great agricultural center with the culture and the marketing of the coffee like principal activities. Blotties in a basin triangular and delimited by attractive mounts which are jagged volcanic craters: Manengouba with 2,400 meters, Nlonako and Koup, where with the statement of the villagers the protective gods of the area live.

The industrial main activity with Nkongsamba is the dehusking of the coffee. It is a seasonal activity which makes it possible to the inhabitants to generate their incomes over the half of year, other half being devoted to the various activities like the culture of but, the palm oil and the small shop.

Side education, the town of Nkongsamba has a hundred nursery schools and primary (approximately 30,000 schoolboys) and about ten establishments of the second degree (One estimates at 14,000 the number of pupils of the secondary). The College of Manengouba and the college St Joan of Arc count among the establishments of great fame on all the extent of the Cameronian territory.

Besides the secondary education educational establishments, Nkongsamba has a school of training of the teachers of secondary (ENIEG and a private institute of higher education (ISMAM).

After the construction of the railroad in the city in 1912 by the Germans, the name of Nsamba was given to the latter by the German administration. Occupied by the English in 1914, the city passes under French control in 1916 before becoming an administrative center in 1923, thus succeeding Bar.

Nkongsamba was the terminus of the railroad, on the basis of Douala via Mbanga with a junction on Kumba.

Estimated at approximately 250,000 inhabitants in 2008, the population of Nkongsamba is a mixture of various Cameronian ethnos groups. Beside the auchtones, Mbos, one finds inter alia Bamilks, Tikars, Peuhls and Bororos.

Nkongsamba is the chief town of Moungo in the area of the Littoral.

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