Noosa Beach

Noosa is located one and half hours north of Brisbane and about half an hour from Maroochydore. It is known for its beautiful beaches and relaxed cosmopolitan holiday ambience. With Noosa receiving about 300 days of sunshine every year, it is perfect for beach holidaying. It is the place to enjoy the sun just lazing about on the beautiful beaches.

One of the few northerly facing beaches of Australia, Noosa beach provides the perfect setting for surfers, whether beginners or pros .The beach provides great conditions for swimming and surfing all year round, waves generally not rising higher than a metre. The premier beach of Noosa, Noosa beach offers good facilities for surfing. There are surfing lessons organised here for the beginners by professional trained coaches. The festival of surfing here at Noosa beach is a week long event which attracts a whole lot of surfing enthusiasts from all over the world to share their common passion. The Noosa Surf Lifesaving Club patrols are a regular presence on the beach keeping this event and swimmers safe year round.

The Noosa beach also provides good conditions for fishing. Try your luck and see if you can catch a bream, flathead, dart or a whiting.

There are several areas of shade on this lovely beach, which is just the place to laze around with a book or have fun with friends and family. There are also tables and chairs laid out at both ends of the beach for picnics. Once at this picturesque destination you can really let your hair down and make the most of enjoying the beauty of nature leaving aside all the mundane worries of daily life. A lovely place to surf, swim, enjoy a picnic or just relax. Close by are the smaller beaches like Tea tree bay and Granite bay, all favourites with the locals. The sunshine coast also boasts a beautiful nudie beach, Alexandria.

Don’t forget to carry loads of sun screen lotion and sun glasses to prevent sun burning or tanning as the Queensland sun is very strong. Also follow the safety rules while swimming or surfing and stay between the flags.

Facilities like telephones, parking, and showers are all provided at the beach as well as a wheelchair ramp access to the beach.

Some other activities worth exploring whilst at Noosa include strolls through the scenic beauty of the parks or kayaking on the clear pristine waters.

Accommodation of all types are available to cater to the individual tastes and preferences. The restaurants here ensure every spread is a gourmet’s delight.