Normandy and Brittany

Normandy is a very beautiful part of France that has lots to offer to the visitor. Old towns, sandy beaches, the Mont-Saint-Michel, they are all there.

Rouen, the capital, is a very beautiful old town. To explore it well you would need at least two days. Giverny is a small town. What brings you here is the gardens of the French painter Monet. If you have some knowledge of his paintings a walk through the gardens is great: you see impressionist paintings alive and all!

Normandy is also famous for its apple brandy called Calvados. A visit to a cellar to taste a few of these wines is recommended.

Honfleur is one of the most pretty harbour towns imaginable. It’s been a long time favourite with professional and non-professional painters. Bayeux has its famous Tapestry which is a must see for everyone interested in art and/or tapestry.

Brittany is a great place to visit. A rugged coast, with small islands, great views and quiet beaches. Along the coast you find old towns with small cobbled streets. The people of Brittany are quite different from the rest of France.

In Brittany you will find spectacular nature, high cliffs and almost deserted beaches, old town with a colourful past, like Rennes, Dinan or Saint Malo, the old pirate’s nest. The Morbihan is one of the most exciting parts of Brittany. The menhirs of Carnac should not be missed either.

Nantes is the biggest town in the region, located in the southern most part of Brittany. The city has along history; in present days it is the most important city of western France.

Both regions are extremely well suitable for a family vacation, but also cater those with a taste for excitement. Off the beaten track activities can be done in the hinterland, with great biking and hiking opportunities.