North Region Garoua

North province Garoua : Garoua was founded in 1839 by the Kilba Peuls who settled along the banks of the Benue river and created a shepherds camp, on a height dominating the inundable plain. During the colonial period, Garoua was valorized to serve as a seaport and as a transit point. the Population here is constituted mainly by Folbe, Fali, Moundang, and Arab Choas. Most of them are muslims. The climate is a classical soudanese type of tropical climate. The temperature varies from 21 to 40 c.

Touristics sites

Garoua and its environs :

The zoologic garden.
The river Benue with its Hippoppotamus nicknamed Africa.
The Handicraft center with its tradi – practitioners.
The Mosques.
Lagdo :

The dam with large quantities of fishes.
Frequently visited by birds .
Duck hunting is allowed.
A mountain range with superimposed rocks at an altitude of 1200 m. The fishermens village inhabited by Cameroonians and Nigerians.
Duch hunting.
The Lagdo Market.
Figuil :

The Figuil plateau with its white marble.
The Cement factory.

Guider : The Kola gorges : a Volcanic zone . The Famous Pitoa market , an important food supply market which is also a meeting point for central Africans , Chadians , Nigerians , and Cameroonians.

Faro :

The Faro National Park with its camps of elephants.
The Atlantika mountains inhabited by indigenous people wearing tree leaves in the place of clothes.
The Mbe Market.
Rey Bouba :

The rey Bouba Lamidat .
The Bouba Ndjida National Park with its camp called grand capitaine
The Benue National Park with its rich and varying fauna. ( Bouba Ndjida camp ; Grand Capitain Camp ; Black Buffalos camp )