NorthEast of Tasmania

The North-Eastern quadrant of Tasmania is definitely one of the less visited areas of the state, but is more due to it’s lack of population centres than lack of attractions. The area encompasses the Tamar Valley – known for it’s developing wine industry, The Ben Lomond National Park – Tasmania’s main skiing destination, and the coastline from St.Helens to Georgetown. Besides these, the islands off the North-East Coast, Flinders island and Cape Barron, are rich in both history and wilderness experiences.

The North-East can be accessed from three directions. Those touring up the East Coast from Hobart will can pass north of St Helens to tour the coastline, or turn inland towards Ben Lomond. Visitors approaching from Devonport or Launceston could head inland to Evansdale and Ben Lomond, or head north to Georgetown and the coast. Launceston would also be point-of-departure for Flinders island via light plane. Finally, those arriving in Hobart via the DevilCat will disembark at Georgetown, and may be tempted to see the North-East first-off.

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