NorthWest of Tasmania

The North-West is probably Tasmania’s richest agricultural area, on account of the fine red soil. It is well-known for fine dairy products, as well as more mundane produce like potatoes. The coastline is also pleasant, with the exception of the immediate area surrounding the industrial town of Burnie.

For the adventure-tourist, the North-West is most important as the Northern gateway to Tasmania’s World Heritage Wilderness through the Cradle Mountain – Lake St Claire National Park. However, there are several other wilderness areas that should be visited if time permits. The Walls of Jerusalem and Rocky Cape National Parks are both spectacular. There are two other areas that should be of particular interest: the Tarkine region along the West Coast, and the Great Western Tiers. As well as being areas of magnificent beauty, these places are currently unprotected and are directly threatend by forestry operations. If at all possible, try to visit these wild regions before they disappear forever.

The two major towns in the North-West are Devonport and Burnie. Devonport is an obvious starting point for visitor arriving on the ferry from Melbourne, while Burnie is an industrial centre with of less interest to the tourist, but a possible stopover on a statewide tour. Inland, the towns of Delorain and Sheffield provide accommodation options and a place to sample the local food and crafts.

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