Norus is situated 35 kms from Bishkek – it is remarkable only in that it provides reasonable skiing within an hour’s drive of Bishkek. There is better skiing available but it is very convenient even for a day-trip. There are many reports saying that heli-skiing is all that is available but that is no longer true.

There are 2 drag lifts in reasonable condition – each about 650 kms long and a ski run map. There is a European-style decked outdoor cafe with barbecued shashlyk recommended (see photo).

There is also a ski lodge (Hotel Norus) which is well above the standard one might expect for the region – rooms are European-furnished, and the bar-cafe has an extensive menu also partially in English.

Buses do go from Bishkek to Norus, but for a few travelling together, a taxi (check they have snow chains!) is advised.

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