Nyiregyhaza is a city in North-East Hungary and the county capital of Szabolcs Szatmar Bereg. Today, Nyiregyhaza is one of the most prosperous cities of Hungary, being both an educational center and a popular tourist destination. It attracts numerous visitors during the musical events and festivals especially during the autumn festival Nyirsegi Osz. Europe’s largest free world music festival Happy Art Festival also takes place here each year at the beginning of September.


Collection of Greek Catholic Religious Arts icons and liturgical objects from the 17th18th centuries.

Andras Josa Museum with archaeological findings from all ages of the city’s history, including a numismatic collection from the Bronze Age.

Village Museum of Sosto a glimpse at village life in the 19th century.

Collection of the International Medallion Art and Small Sculpture Creative Community of Nyregyhaza-Sosto – periodic exhibitions of works of contemporary artists.

The city has beautiful churches like Roman Catholic, Greek Catholic, Calvinist, Lutheran churches and a synagogue.

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