Oman is Middle East’s Most Peaceful Country

In the first study of its kind, Oman was ranked as most secured and peaceful country in the Middle-East and North Africa in relation to its neighbors, a new study has revealed.

The Global Peace Index is a ranking of 121 countries, listed according to their peacefulness and has been compiled by the Economist Intelligence Unit of UK. It is comprised of a broad range of 24 indicators measuring both internal and external peacefulness of nations. The sultanate was a top ranking for its high level of respect for human rights.

The index constructed a model that uses 24 indicators to measure the internal and external peacefulness of nations. The indicators include the levels of violence, organized crime, and military expenditure within a country.

The index has also been correlated against a range of social development indicators including democracy, transparency, education and well-being to better understand the determinants or “drivers” that create a sustain peace.

While, the sultanate occupied the 22nd ranking of the 121 countries, Norway topped the index, followed by New Zealand (2), Denmark (3), Ireland (4), Japan (5), Qatar (30), UAE (38), Tunisia (39), Kuwait (46), Morocco (48), UK (49), Libya (58), Bahrain (62), Jordan (63), USA (96) and Iraq (121).

The index has won the backing of an influential and distinguished group of supporters including Noble Prize winners the Dalai Lama, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, former US President Jimmy Carter, and former World Bank senior vice president and chief economist Joseph Stiglitz, who this weekend called for an increased focus on peace.

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