Opatija is one of the main resorts town in western Croatia, just southwest of Rijeka on the Adriatic coast. Tourism here started in 1844 when Hignio Scarpa, a patrician from Rijeka built a big villa amidst the bay-tree and oak-tree vegetation.


The main toruist attractions in the area are picturesque Volosko with it’s excellent restaurants, the old fishing villages Icici and Ika, Lovran with its old center and modern hotels, Meveja and Moscenicka Draga with large sandy beaches, Kraj and Brsec high above the sea, and last but not least the medieval towns on the nearby hills – Kastav, Veprinac and Moscenice.

The city’s most prestigious sight is the Villa Angiolina, which was built in 1844 by Iginio Scarpa, a rich merchant from Rijeka. This villa, transformed into a hotel, gave a boost to tourism to this town. It became a fashionable destination for the Austrian imperial family and Austrian nobility.