Opera and Ballet Theater

The Mongolian scene, its development , its performers and its spectators are yardstick for the state of our nation. Our operatic art was created based on European models, so it is not rejected on the stages of the world. Now when the situation in Mongolia is stable, this art form is thriving to a certain degree too. When our society was going through a time of upheavel in the beginning of the 1990s, the opera life nearly broke down. But what is Mongolian opera scene revealing at the beginning of the twenty-first-century We have future it seems to say , Be confident and optimistic. The new generation of Mongolian opera singers studies in Italy, cradle of this art.

The sing on the stages of the most magnificiant theatres of the world and attract the attention of the experts. oreover, they come back to work at the Mongolian State academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet is also improvingin appearance s from year to year , seats that were empty some years ago are filling with spectators, and the classical plays and operas of the world are put on its stage in new productions. The performers have a rich hoard oif skills amassed during the time of the renaissance of our operatic past. Although the theatre must show again or newly produce many Mongolian national operas . new productions of some of the worlds classical operas in the last year have met with enthusiasm from a new generation of spectators and enlarged their artistic experience. To mention just a few examples there were the famous Wolfgang Amadeus Mozarts Don Giovan and Magic Flute the latter staged in commemoration of the s 250 th birthday of the wunderkind, as well as La Boheme and s Madam Butterfly by Giacomo Puccini, one of the worlds grandmasters of the opera. The Mongolians performers sing the worlds classical operas in the original language, too .

Singers of the new and middle generation , who have declared their love for opera, bring s to life these works with their love for the opera bring to life these works with their intriguing stories and lovely music so wonderfully that the audience are grateful from the bottom of their hearts.