Oradea, located on the northwestern part of Rumania, is the main gate to Western Europa. One of the oldest remnants is the old Fortress of Ordea, the ‘Cetatea Oradiei’. It was built in the 12th century, destroyed, and rebuilt in Italian style during the 16th century in order to secure Ordea’s growing commercial importance. As soon as the Austrian army entered the town, the cultural character of the town changed dramatically. Churches, cathedrals and cultural institutions appeared as never before and the town’s population and provisions increased rapidly. Nowadays, Oradeo is one of Rumania’s biggest towns, not only in the commercial but also in the cultural and academic field. Nearly one third of its population is from Hungarian descent.
Baroque-buffs can’t miss out on the ‘Church with the Moon’, the Cathedral and the ‘Sirul Canonicilor’ (a building built for clerks), all outstanding examples of Baroque architecture. The Tarii Crisurilor museum is located in the Baroque Palace, a replica of the Belvedere Palace of Vienna and the Central Library shows a melting-pot of architectural styles.

Baile Felix Spa is located at an eight kilometres’ distance and offers excellent opportunities for geothermal treatments and all that goes with it to make your stay an even more pleasant one.