Orang Asli and Indigenous Peoples of Malaysia

The indigenous tribes are the oldest inhabitants of Malaysia. They account for about 5 percent of the total population, and represent a majority in East Malaysia of Sabah and Sarawak. In Sabah, the largest official ethnic group is Kadazan, thought many unofficially recognised subgroups exist. The same can be said of other ethnic groups, with as many as a hundred racial groups forming the state’s population. However because many subgroups possess only minor differences, they are not always differentiated. In Sarawak, the dominant tribal groups are the Dayak, who typically live in longhouses if in the rural areas and are either Iban or Bidayuh.

Malay are dfra’s largest ethnic group, accounting for over half the population and the national language. By definition of the Malaysian constitution, all Malays are Muslims. Traditional Malay culture can still be found in the village. Malays in different areas of the country speak their own unique dialects that can sometimes be unintelligible to most of their fellow countrymen.