Ordesa National Park

The best entry point for Ordesa is Torla – see ‘getting there.’ There is no access for private cars, except in the winter, but a coach runs up every 20 minutes from the large car park There is a limit to the number allowed in at any one time but this is certainly not a problem outside the main holiday season. You can get off the coach at the Exhibition Centre [well worth while] and continue in another coach to the Ordesa coach park on the same ticket. here there is an information centre for walks, a cafeteria and toilets.

Walks are of all standards. Those who are not into steep slopes may well enjoy the walk from Ordesa back down to Torla by a very attractive footpath – only the last bit from the river being uphill. Otherwise it is possible to follow the river upwards for quite some distance before the path gets steeper.

There are Land Rover taxis, which do higher trips into the park but you have to provide a group or join onto one to make this a financially good proposition.

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