Orheiul Vechi

This is a beautiful place in Moldova, it is quiet and calm place. The churches were closed during the communist era but have since been restored. There is an information centre and restaurant on the road near the start of the path up towards the churches.

Approaching the complex on the road from Orhei there is a wonderful view of the complex, so don’t forget to stop there. Also look to the other side, where there is a village and a church with green spires.

You can enter the first church when the resident monk is there. Inside after going down the stairs you can see the restored altar. For a view of the valley go on to the outside terrace (no rail so be careful). Look further inside to see the original living quarters of the monks, not for those who are tall though!

Further up the complex is the more traditional church, beautifully restored inside with frescos of the apostles. It is currently used of services for the local community.

If coming from Chisinau, the easiest (and most expensive) way of getting to Orheiul Vechi is by private vehicle and even better with a guide who can advise of the history of the complex.

Along with the wine cellars, Orheuil Vechi is the place not to be missed during a visit to Moldova.