Osh is an important market town in the south of Kyrgystan.Osh has been an important stop on the Silk Road and the atmosphere hasn’t change much since. The town still has a fantastic bazaar.

Osh is also a great base for trekking and mountaineering in the Pamir range.

The city has several monuments, including one to the southern Kyrgyz “queen” Kurmanjan Datka and one of the few remaining statues of Lenin. A Russian Orthodox church, reopened after the demise of the Soviet Union, the largest mosque in the country (situated beside the bazaar) and the 16th-century Rabat Abdul Khan Mosque can be found here. The only World Heritage Site in Kyrgyzstan, the Sulayman Mountain, offers a splendid view of Osh and its environs. A cave in the mountain is the site of a museum containing a collection of archaeological, geological and historical finds and information about local flora and fauna.