Oudtshoorn is the largest town in the Little Karoo region of South Africa. The town is home to the world’s largest Ostrich population with a number of specialized ostrich breeding farms such as the Safari Show Farm and the Highgate Ostrich Show Farm. In the roaring twenties the town boomed and got istelf the name of The Feather Capital of the World.


Today, Oudtshoorn’s attraction include three show farms: Highgate, Safari and Cango Ostrich Farm. The great Palaces the nouveau riche of the feather boom built for themselves are a distinctive feature of the town. The CP Nel Museusm also go into the history of the animal that made this a rich city.

Cango Crocodile Ranch and Cheetahland are other interesting attraction. They are on the road to the Cango Caves, is open daily from 08:00. Over 300 crocodiles, ranging from 50cm to four metres in length, inhabit the ranch..

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