Pag Island

Pag Island is an island in the north-Dalmatian archipelago, third largest in Kvarner, situated between Kvarneric and theVelebit Channel, with a northwest-southeast extension.The south-western coast of the island is low, and the north-western is steep and high: the Pag Bay (with the large Caska Cove) and Stara Novalja Bay; the southeast of the island features three capes. The climate is Mediterranean.

No surface water streams are found on the island; there are springs near Metajna, Novalja, Povljane and Pag. Most of the island is rocky; smaller areas are covered with Mediterranean shrubs.


The old folk tradition has been partly preserved: tunes (following the same melody, the type of singing known as na kanat), both the heroic and the love ones, traditional dances (po starinski, po paski, the ring of Pag) in Pag and Novalja (po naski). Traditional arts of the island are the stitched lacework of Pag (the lacework school was founded in 1906) and the crochet lacework of Novalja. Beside it the scenic view are marvelous.

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