Pa-li is one of the popular tourist destinations in Taiwan. The place is visited by lot of travelers who come here from different corners of the world. The place has got convenient facilities of transportation and so the visitors can reach Pa-li from any region of Taiwan. The place has lot to offer to all the visitors coming here. The place has got tropical marine climate and so the city can be visited any time by the travelers. The city has got some popular tourist attractions which must be visited by the travelers. The stay in this place will remain a memorable one for all.

Staying in Pa-li will never be a problem for the visitors since there are some good lodging options in this area. The visitors will get good food as well since the restaurants serve variety of delectable cuisines. Various handicraft items are available in the shops in Pa-li and these items can be taken as souvenir from this place.


The tourists can visit the Shih San Hang Museum. From the top of this museum the visitors can get the view of the Tanshui River meeting the Taiwan Strait. The visitors can even try out hiking in Pa-li. The travelers can start their climbing from the Guan Ying Mountain, which is near the Ling Yun Temple that is at Wuku. The travelers can come back from the same trail. The travelers will really have a wonderful time while going for this hiking trip from Pa-li. There are many other destinations in Taiwan, which can be visited by the travelers from Pa-li. The visitors can avail the ferries available at the Bali Wharf. Ferries are available at regular intervals and they carry passengers to and from the city of Tanshui.

The travelers can even visit the Wa Tzu natural park. This is a very interesting place and this place will be liked by the children as well. This is the place where the river Tanshui meets the sea. There are plenty of mangrove forests in this region. The entire region must be explored properly by the visitors.