Pamuk means cotton in Turkish and Kale fortress, so the name means Cotton Fortress. There is a spectacular site which is must to see. If you want to visit Turkey then this is a wonderful destination for you.


Pamukkale is a World Heritage Site. The white travertine forms when hot spring of high concentrated of CaCO3 evaporates and deposits on the surface.There are some man-made travertine that visitors can walk through the top left part of the mountain to get the experience. The real travertine are now off limits, but can easily be viewed from many different angles, and are mostly only 10 – 20 feet away. Now there is a better path constructed for visitors.

The white waterfall is indeed a lot like a huge cotton castle. At one point visitors were able climb all over the travertine or collected pools of mineral water, but since the government has disallowed the climbing and has thus saved the white hillside from further degradation. At the top of the hill there were various spas and hotels that have been closed by government regulations. you can swim in the Cleopatra’s swimming pool (for 30 new Turkish liras pp) which has the hot, bubbly water (it has been described as swimming in rather warm champagne!). If you open your eyes underwater, the minerals in the water are supposed to be good for your eyes.

Lots of walking and altitude change. You must take off your shoes to walk in the water. Don’t forget to check out the adjacent Heriopolis, ancient Roman city and cementary, which is part of this site and the amphitheater. You can easily spend a day here.

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