Para Gliding in Taiwan

Paragliding is the closest human beings can get to flying with some borrowed wings of course and these wings are usually made from nylon or polyester. A paraglider can usually take off from the top of a hill or can be towed up to the mid air.
The island country of Taiwan has a few places which are open to the general public for paragliding. The country or at least the major portions of the country is too steep to climb and the rest is controlled by the military.
This leaves about six spots where you can paraglide provided the weather gods are favorable on you. There are some impending problems like the omni present power lines which is a hazard for paragliders.
Though the country of Taiwan is a small island nation yet there are quite a few different flying seasons which can present quite an interesting mix to the Para gliders. One should avoid the activity during summers as you might get caught in a thunderstorm.
Though it is not imperative to be a member of any club for paragliding but one should get in touch with the concerned people to avoid disappointments and it is best to get a local guide to be on the safest side.Some of the sites where you can go for Para gliding are as follows
– Green Bay
– Puli
– Saichia
– Taidung

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