Parco del Cilento

Venturing a little further south, to the Cilento Coast, you will discover the rocky coves, wild flowers and superlative seafood restaurants that the Italians have long kept to themselves. The Cilento is a largely uncharted territory for international tourism, but the pleasures of the area are to be found in the thrill of discovering tiny villages and the 7th-century Greek temples of Paestum. This stretch of coast reflects a genuine welcome that has been lost in the tourist shops of the Bay of Naples and has a surprising cluster of elegant hotels and charming self-catering accomodations.

The Main Gate of this pristine area called National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano is Agropoli, The commercial heart of the region. It is the second Italian Park, regarding its surface. However,it is a park of fairly new institution. The landscape and vegetation of the park are very interesting. You will find a lot of charming and impressive caves and bays. The zone is full of prehistoric ruins and it is known that it was already inhabited in the Paleolitic era (500.000 b.C.).

Not only nature lovers will love this Park. In fact in the neighborhood there is plenty of huge discos for the lovers of the night life. Shuttle buses organized from the discos themselves will bring you right on the dancing floor, from practically every of the many camping and villages in the Park. This has, of course, some drawback, sometimes this buses are not really on time and you may have to wait 1 hour for them. But, of course, you’ll have still all the night in front of you…