Patras is Greece’s third largest city and the capital of the prefecture of Achaea, located in northern Peloponnese. It was formed by the union of three agrarian settlements in the Mycenaean years and took its name by Patreas, the leader of Achaean. The city is endowed with a number of neoclassical buildings and mansions dating from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.


It is severed to the Pano and Kato Poli, it has the right town planning with squares and beautiful gardens and it preserves the memories from the past. The Achaia region is home to 4 museums, including the Patras Archaeological Museum and the Museum for the Sacrifice of the people of Kalavrita. The region is also home to various Ancient Greek and Byzantine Monuments, including the Roman Odeum, the Castle of Rio and the Fortress of Patras.

Other Notable Sights are: The Rio-Antirio bridge, he Roman Odeon The Achaia Clauss wine factory St. Andrews Church.

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