Paxi or Paxo is in the Ionian group of Greek islands, a few miles south of Corfu. In Greek it is a plural form and it refers to a complex of islands, the largest of which are Paxos and Antipaxos. The island is approximately eight miles in length and tipped up towards the west.


The west coast is dominated by steep white, chalky cliffs that are greatly eroded at sea level, and harbour many ‘blue caves’ which can be explored on launches departing from Gaios. Much of the attractive landscape is still covered in olive groves.

Gaios is the main town and is the liveliest, with lots of restaurants and a huge harbour where you can stroll along and drool over all the rich people’s floating gin palaces. It’s certainly worth at least one visit, but it gets very busy during the day with trippers from Corfu and Parga and many of the shops seem to just want to make a quick killing from these daytrippers.

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