Peace Pagoda in Bihar

World Peace Pagoda at Vaishali, the symbol of world peace, was constructed by Japanese Buddhists. The famous Fujii Guruji who dedicated his life for world peace wished for world peace pagodas world over, and the peace pagoda at Vaishali was his last wish. Vaishali World Peace Pagoda enshrines the holy relics of Lord Buddha on the base and on the top of the construction. The top portion of the stupa houses Lord Buddha’s statues; these statues are made of glass and fiber and have been polished by gold.

This 125 feet tall stupa is 118 feet wide and its dome has a diameter of 65 feet. This huge stupa is a major tourist attraction at Vaishli. Nakasato, who took the charge of the construction of Vaishali World Peace Pagoda too like his mentor Fuji Guruji is dedicated towards maintaining world peace. Vaishali World peace Pagoda is part of the series of world peace pagodas erected world over by Nipponzan Myohoji sect of Japanese Buddhists.

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