The city of Pei-t’ou has established its entity in the tourism map of Taiwan and has evolved as one of the major travel destinations. Pei-t’ou is situated in the northern most part of the country and experiences a heavy footfall from the travelers.

It lies in the northernmost part of the country. It has a very scenic landscape and is situated in a mountainous area which reflects the enchanting beauty associated with it.


Before embarking on Pei-t’ou Tours the travelers should get a little bit of information regarding the history of the place. The name actually originates from a word called Ketalagan which means witch in the English language. During the years of 1920 and 1941, the area was a village and it received its up gradation as an urban township in a later period of time.


Being a place which is situated amidst the mountains as a traveler you can involve yourself in adventurous activities like rock climbing and mountain hiking. The meandering rivers also provide you with the opportunity of rafting.

For the budget travelers the city of Pei-t’ou is an ideal place to be. There are also a number of luxury hotels in the city which have very good spa facilities.

Being a place which is encompassed with scenic mountains. Transportation in Pei-t’ou provides you with buses and taxis. You can get hold of the transportation with the help of different travel agencies.

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