Peleliu in Palau

Peleliu imparts a peaceful, easy feeling. There’s not much to do and that’s entirely the charm, for you can really hear the silence; often it will seem like you’ve got the entire island all to yourself (you might not spot another tourist during your entire stay, and maybe not even a local if you walk far enough). It’s a really lovely little place and that’s why it’s so hard to imagine it torn apart by war.

The Peleliu Wall, southwest of Peleliu, is one of the world’s finest dives, an abrupt 300m drop that starts in about 3m of water. It’s a veritable treasure-trove of sharks, hawksbill sea turtles, black coral trees, mammoth gorgonian fans and an amazing variety of fish. Both White Beach and Bloody Beach have coral and good snorkeling; Honeymoon Beach is also good for snorkeling.