Penang War Museum

This Penang War Museum situated on Bukit Batu Maung was erected on the original defence complex built by British before World War II. It became a defence fort during the war.

Today, it is a sprawling historical complex exhibiting many war paraphernalias, and shows historical timelines of events.

This war museum is a dedication to those who have served and died, defending the country.

Remember to dress in light, cool clothing; wear comfy shoes; put on a dull coloured hat and be armed with a pair of binoculars, insect repellent, notebook and pen.

Key Tips
When visiting the museum, you are advised NOT TO do the following: take any photographs of the exterior or the interior; bring pets, radios or bicycles into the museum or smoke.

How to get there
By road
Located at Batu Maung, it takes about 20 minutes from Gorgetown area.

Accommodation Overview
There is a dormitory for those who want to experience living in the World War II era. Penang also has a wide range of accommodation from basic backpacker’s hostels to 5-star hotels.