Peniscola is a small fishing village which has become a sizable tourist destination in recent years. It has a picturesque peninsula jutting out which contains the impressive medieval castle and fortified town.
On both sides of the peninsula there are beaches. The south beach is about 1km in length and the very popular north beach is 7km in length and is where the majority of the tourism is located.
There are plenty of bars, restaurants and hotels and it is very busy during peak times (July / August and fiestas). I recommend June and September as the best times to go for a mixture of great weather, bar and restaurant availability and busy-ness.
The town itself is famous for a number of things but probably its biggest is that it was the hiding place for Pope Benedict also known as Papa Luna.

The nearest train station is Benicarlo/Peniscola which is 8km from Peniscola. Peniscola is well served by the A7 motorway and the N340 which both have junctions very close to Peniscola and are well signed.

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