Perm is situated at the base of the Ural Mountains, Perm is one of the largest cities in the Urals Region. The city is uniquely positioned on the border between Europe and Asia. Perm’s location on the banks of the Kama River, the forth-largest river in Europe, makes it an important shipping port. Perm was founded in 1723 as a settlement for workers, but it developed rapidly and soon became the capital of the Perm Region. Today, Perm is a large administrative, industrial, scientific and cultural center, located at the intersection of important routes of transportation and communication.


Perm is famous for its cultural traditions. The city boasts professional theaters, interesting museums and exhibition halls, and important historical and architectural monuments. The Perm ballet, wooden sculpture collection and miniature books are outstanding features of the city. Perm is known as Russia’s leading city for opera, ballet and drama after St. Petersburg.

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