Pertouli is a small mountain village within the province of Trikala in GreeceThose who know about it, have loved it since 1985 when it first opened. Others have recently discovered it, as it is not widely advertised. The name Pertouli is most famous for the nearby Ski resort that is very popular with snow sports fans in central Greece.


The Ski Resort at Pertouli is one of the most easily accessible ski resort of the country, just 45′ minutes away from the town of Trikala, halfway from Elati to Pertouli.
It has tracks for beginners and experienced skiers, two chalets, one at the bottom and the other one on the top and two lifts, all of which make it attractive with or without snow around.

Being close to Trikala and nearby Pertouli and Elati, it offers a great number of advantages. Its infrastructure makes it ideal both for the young and the old.

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