Phewa Tal

Phewa Tal or Fewa Lake is a freshwater lake in Nepal and a must visit for every tourist in Pokhara. This beautiful lake with captivating charm lies pretty in the periphery of Pokhara, Kaski district. Pokhara is a city in central Nepal, tucked away approximately 198 km west of Kathmandu. One of the most popular tourist destinations in Nepal, Pokhara is situated in the northwestern corner of the Pokhara Valley which is an extension of the Seti Gandaki valley. The Fewa (or Phewa) Lake must be included in your Pokhara Tours. Phewa Tal is the second largest lake in Nepal after Rara Lake. In case you don’t know, ‘Tal’ is the Nepalese word for lake. Apart from its ethereal beauty, what makes it so famous is its legendary reflection of the Mount Machapuchare on its surface. The Phewa Lake is surrounded by Lakeside area in the east and this region has evolved into a popular tourist destination like Thamel in Kathmandu, Pumdi Bhumdi in the south, Pame village in the west and Sarangkot hill in the north. On calm days, the mountains of the Annapurna Range are perfectly reflected in the mirrored surface of the tal. Away from the shore, the water is clean and deep and the dense forest along the south side of the lake provides shelter for brilliant white egrets.

It is the largest and the most beautiful of the three lakes of Pokhara. If you want to experience the true beauty of The Fewa (or Phewa) Lake in Pokhara, then hire a sailboat or a rowboat and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere. The eastern shore, popularly known as Lakeside is the most famous spot for the foreign travelers. Most of the hotels, restaurants and handicraft shops are located here.

Another famous attraction at The Fewa (or Phewa) Lake is the holy Barahi Temple. The temple stands on the island located in between in the lake. There is a marvelous cascading waterfall at the south side of the lake and it is known as the Devi’s Falls.

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