iemonte (Piedmont) means at the foot of the mountains and that is just where you should look for it. Here you will find a very interesting region, with French influences, delicious food and great wines.
Turin the capital of Piemonte is very much a European city, with a very open and international atmosphere. It is also the center of a region renowned for its culture of wines and cuisine. A city of many souls, Turin is imperial, and bourgeois; it is a masterpiece of aesthetic urban design, and has immense suburban landscapes of cement; it is centered on the slow pace of the Po river, and it is enlightened by the beauty of its green hilly flanks. In the city you find the world’s most important museum of Egyptian artifacts outside of Egypt. Furthermore, the Holy Shroud is back to public view.

Stresa on the Lago Maggiore is a favourite getaway for the people in Turin. It’s a lovely town on one of the most lovely lakes in the world – but it can be pretty crowded with Torinesi in the weekend. Another really charming lake is de Lago d’ Orta. The town of Orta is pretty as can be and a boat trip to the island just opposite is a must.

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