Pineapple Museum

The pineapple museum has interesting information on the growth of the fruit in Malaysia.

Situated in Pontian, the museum has a collection of artifacts and exhibits on the pineapple industry in Malaysia.

Discover several fascinating steps towards the processing of pineapples, including a peek into the various types of pineapple.

The fruits are planted right in the museum’s own backyard, and visitors are able to learn much about the fruit from planting, processing, canning as well as labeling until it becomes a finished product.

An informative visit to the Pineapple Museum, is sure to leave you with wonderment at this sweet fruit!

Key Tips
The museum has interesting exhibits on the agronomy of pineapples.

How to get there
The museum is at km 52 Jalan Pontian, Johor. It is a 45 minutes drive from Johor Bahru.

Accommodation Overview
There are several types of accommodation available in Johor.


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