P’ing-hsi is an important place of tourist attraction within the free area of the Republic of China. In Chinese P’ing-hsi is known as Pingxi. Visitors will be astounded by the natural beauty of the place situated inside the county of Taipei.

The township of P’ing-hsi is also the source of the Keelung River, which originates in the town of Jingtong in the county of Taipei flowing through a rift valley and to Sandiaoling. From here the river flows to the north between Chiufen and Keelung City to Taipei and ultimately enters the sea with the Tamsui River.


The P’ing-hsi Township has a number of festivals and places of tourist attraction which will considerably add to your pleasure. Among the local attractions that will mesmerize you in your P’ing-hsi Travel, the sky lantern festival which is held annually is of major importance. This sky lantern, as the name indicates comprises of floating traditional lanterns with oiled rice paper and bamboo frame attached to a fuel cell. Lighted and raised to the skies the sky lantern festival is a treat for your eyes with thousands of such glowing masses floating as beacons of light. Apart from this there are hiking trails as part of P’ing-hsi Tours and visiting the splendid Shifen waterfall in P’ing-hsi Township. Being 40 meters in width it becomes the broadest waterfall of Taiwan and emerges as a focal point among tourist destinations in Taiwan.

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