Piraeus is a city in the periphery of Attica, Greece, and a suburb located 9 km to the south-west of the center of Athens. Piraeus is Greece’s third largest city in terms of population and its biggest port. Piraeus is the largest port in Europe and the third largest in the world in terms of passenger transportation.


The hill of Castella is worth visiting as it is one of the most wealthy neighbourhoods of Piraeus, with a unique view over Athens and the Saronic Gulf. On the other hand, Kaminia is a beautiful and a classic working-class neighbourhood, which is widely known for the strong support its residents provide the most successful club of Piraeus with, Olympiacos. One of the most famous places in Piraeus is the Municipal Theater, a magnificent neo-classical building. Among the archeological sites of Piraeus, parts of the ancient Themistoclean Walls are still preserved in good condition, while there are ruins of the main gate to the Long Walls.

In Castella, there is the Syrangio which probably served as a sanctuary to the local hero Syranga, and the Cave of Arethusa, both of the Minoan Age.