Pirin National Park in Bulgaria

There are many national parks in Bulgaria and Pirin National Park, Bulgaria is one of them. Tourists coming to this national park can have a glimpse of a number of plants and animals. So if you are on a touring the national parks in Bulgaria then a visit to the Pirin National Park, Bulgaria are a must.

A general overview of Pirin National Park, Bulgaria – This particular national park covers an area of 274 square kilometer and is located in southwest Bulgaria at an altitude of 1,008 meters above sea-level. The said park encompasses a major portion of the Pirin Mountains. The park was previously known as Vihren National Park. The national park was included within the World Heritage Sites List in 1983.

History and Mission of Pirin National Park, Bulgaria – The Pirin national Park was established on 8th November 1962. At that time the park had an area of about 62 square kilometers. On the year 1974 the park was brought under a ministerial decree and its territory was considerably enlarged. The said national park was built with a purpose to preserve and protect the forest in the higher parts of the mountain.

Flora and Fauna of Pirin National Park, Bulgaria – The Pirin National Park in Bulgaria is noted for the rich flora and fauna. Because of the huge variety of plant species the park has become one of the most botanically interesting areas in Bulgaria. Tourists coming here can see as many as 1300 species of higher plants. In respect to flora mention may be made of the Edelweiss. Tourists must check out the three plant belts namely the forest, the sub alpine and an alpine one.

Wildlife-lovers will be glad to know that the park features 2090 species and subspecies of invertebrates. Among these 300 are rare species, 214 endemic, 175 relicts and 15 are included within the international endangered species lists. You can also watch a number of attractive and interesting birds in the park. Among mammals mention may be made of the Wild Goat, a Balkan endemic and the Brown Bear.

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