Pitesti is a city in southern Romania, situated on the bank of the Arges river. It has about 300.000 people. It’s 100 km from Bucharest, the capital of Romania. Its name comes from a verb that in romanian means to hide, because it’s hidden between hills.

It is also called Tulip’s town because there are all kinds of tulips planted and they all blossom in spring. The city’s municipality organizes every year The Tulip’s Simphony , an event were the beauty of flowers is completed by music. People all over the country come here to admire them. A good oportunity for 3 days of party.

Next to Pitesti is a city very appreciated for its fine wine, Stefanesti.

At about 30 km from Pitesti you can visit one of the most old cities in Romania, Curtea de Arges. It is famous for its Monastery, one of the greatest European values and also a place were legend is at its home. It is said that a woman was built up in the walls of the monastary, because only that way the monastery wouldn’t fall down.

If you want you can visit Vidraru Barrage, built on Arges river, in Fagaras Mountains. It is one of the most imortant in the country, and many cities depend on it, but it also offers great views . Stately mountains, shy water falls and green trees, almost all year long.

Transfagarasanul is the highest road in Romania and it reaches almost 2000 m above the sea level. It connects Muntenia and Transilvania, two historic parts of Romania.At its top you can find Lake Balea, a glaciar lake formes thousands of years ago.