Playa Larga Beach in Mexico – You will Thoroughly Enjoy

Playa Larga Beach is counted among the topmost tourist destinations in and around Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo. The white sands of Playa Larga Beach are simply superb and are favorite haunts for all those who are in love with the sea, sand and surf.

The Playa Larga Beach is located in the southern portion of Zihuatanejo Bay and you can find the beach on your way to Barra de Postoi. The beach is only a little away from the airport. The Playa Larga Beach is not only famous for the sandy beaches or the lovely waters but also for the beach horseback riding tours. Before one reaches the beach they can take a ride on the horseback and within minutes they will have a glimpse of the lovely blue waters. The Playa Larga Beach is a major crowd-puller and is regarded as one of the famous tourist attractions in and around Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo.

You will thoroughly enjoy the walk on the Playa Larga Beach as after a long walk you can simply sit in any of the seafood joints and enjoy the freshly cooked grilled fish, tuna preparations, seafood cocktails and oysters. The appetizing smell of the freshly cooked food items will allure you. One should take the help of a professional before divulging into the waters of the Playa Larga Beach.

The breakers often create a watery mist near the beach which is great to look at. However the sporty and adventurous types will find a number of activities in Playa Larga Beach and they can indulge in a game of soccer or net volleyball. Small-scale competitions are organized for the entertainment of the visitors.
If you are not too much into sports you can simply indulge in beachcombing.

The beach is simply the best to spend some time with your family and is one of the favorite attractions in and around Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo. The other important beach that forms a long stretch with the Larga Playa Beach is the Playa Blanca. It is a treat to see the white sand stretching over a long area. These beaches were famous among the fishing community and were largely inaccessible. The growing demands of tourism industry have resulted in the growth of a number of good restaurants, hotels near the beach. The water taxis are available all through the day and it takes minimum effort to reach the lovely beach. The kids will enjoy the horseback rides on the Playa Larga Beach.

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