Plomari is the only sizable coastal settlement in the south, and indeed the second largest town on Lesbos, a Greek island located in the northeastern Aegean Sea. There are plenty of inexpensive hotels accomadating tourists enjoying their vacation on the sand beach. Bike and motorcycle rentals are also easy to find.


It offers scenic appeal as well as the presence of its famous ouzo distilling industry. Ouzo enthusiasts should not miss this place as there are several ouzo facotries that allows visitors. A particularly interesting ouzo factory that still preserves the tradition way of distilling ouzo is owned by Ouzo Giovanni.

West of Plomari 6 km away you can reach Melinda, a 700-metre sand-and-shingle beach at the mouth of a canyon choked with olive trees. It is an alluring place, with sweeping views west towards the Vatera coast and the cape of Agios Fokas. Rocky capes gird it to either side, and the water in the bay is unique in colour and clarity.

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