On the top of the hill overlooking Pogradec there is an ancient Illyrian fortress believed to have been known as Encheleana (Enkelana in albanian). In the Middle Ages this fortress was reconstructed and the place was renamed by the Macedonians, who invaded Southeastern Albania at this time (Pogradec, Pod Grad – the place beneath the fortress). During the Eighteenth century under Turkish occupation, the town became an administrative centre, but was largely destroyed ruing the World War I, again during the Italian-Greek War of 1940-1941 and twice during the National Liberation War (1941-1944); however a number of characteristic houses have been preserved as cultural monuments. Pogradec has a population of 15,000 inhabitants. It is a centre of the food industry, noted for its canned fruits, vegetables and dairy products. There are also factories producing furniture, tobacco and knitwear. Pogradec has an excellent bathing beach and has a great future as a tourist centre. The environment offers an alpine like scenery of rare beauty. The lofty mountains of Kamja and Guri i Topit stand over it like a crown.