Poland unveils Internet system for tourist info

After years of preparing Poland finally got its own Internet System of Tourist Information (ISIT, the whole name is The Internet Tourist Information and Poland’s Promotion System). The main part in realization of that project took Polish Tourist Organization (POT), what was one of its main status cores.

The ISIT is a modern system of tourist information, consistent with assumptions and standards of the European Union. It was all created with the most modern tools and it is totally based on Internet technology. It enables to gather all information in one place at one domain. The system is available in four language versions – Polish, English, German and French, but is to have more versions in years to come.

The ISIT website is the countrywide system of Internet tourist information and Poland’s promotion, presented and managed by the Polish Tourist Organization co-operating with a network of regional and local administrators. The system is designed to serve all domestic and foreign tourists, interested in spending an interesting weekend in Poland, a leave or a business trip. It is to be useful, both for self-care tourists and tourism organizers, excursion managers, guides and city ones.

The site presents regions of Poland, its most interesting towns, fascinating places and routes. You can also obtain useful information about different tourist fields; from agro- to business and congress tourism; from recreation connected with therapy in spas, to active tourism – such as climbing, canoeing trips, sailing and windsurfing, paragliding, caves exploration and mountain climbing, cycling and horse riding, skiing and hunting. One can also follow the routes of history and monuments, that of festival tourism – musical and theatrical or even natural – around national parks, to bird paradises, in order to encounter animal and plant species rare in Europe.

The system works in two areas: the presentation and information ones. In the first one we can follow – what and where Poland has to offer. From the Baltic Sea in the north, to the ranges of the Sudety and the Carpathians in the south. From the capital city to the most remote but fascinating corners of the country. In the other one we shall find out – how to get Poland, how to travel across the country, how to find a service provider or an organizer.

The Internet Tourist Information and Poland’s Promotion System is based on the countrywide network of administrators. The lowest grade is made of local administrators at the level of communes. The middle level is made of regional administrators bringing together information within their area, while the national co-ordination belongs to the Polish Tourist Organization.

The system is designed to guarantee credibility and reliability of information, as well as its continuous up-dating. Inviting to make use of the system, the creators ask you to take into consideration the fact that it was activated as recently as in the first quarter of 2004, and that it is still being developed and bound to have imperfections and gaps.

First steps were made. Now everybody interested in visiting Poland can check everything out in one place, from reliable source.

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