Porretta Terme

Nestled in the foothills of the Appenines and bisected by the Reno River, Porretta Terme is a bit off the beaten path, being west of the main highway that links Fierenze and Bologna; but if you have time and want a reasonably priced spa experience, this is the place.

Accessible by car or train, Porretta Terme dates back to Roman times, when legend has it an ailing ox was cured by drinking from the local spring. Today it is a true blend of ancient and modern, and one of the most economical health related vacations you can find anywhere. There are a number of excellent hotels, and prices are quite reasonable. Since spa therapy is covered by Italian medical insurance, hotels have full professional medical staffs and therapeutic courses of treatment. A room at the finest hotel will cost less than 100 euros per night with full board for two. an hour’s massage is only 56 euros. And the train ride from town to Firenze is awe inspiring.

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