Porto Seguro

Porto Seguro is located on Bahias south coast close to the mouth of the Buranham. Who gave the name Porto Seguro to the city was no one less than Pero Vaz de Caminha. After having sighted the hump of Monte Pascoal some kilometers further south, the crew of Pedro lvares Cabral sailed north for three days and finally anchored at a large bay of deep waters, at a place that was later called Baa Cabrlia where presently is situated the town Santa Cruz Cabrlia.

On the cliffs north of Porto Seguro lay the ruins of Brazil’s first church and a little further north, at Coroa Vermelha, an enormous cross marks the spot, where the first mass was celebrated.

The historical city of Porto Seguro consisting of the three churches Nossa Senhora da Misericrdia (1530), Nossa Senhora do Rosrio (1534) and Nossa Senhora da Penha (1718) such as the former jail and the monument marking the landfall of Gonalo Coelho was declared National Heritage in 1976.