President Ho Chi Minh’s native village upgrade

The first phase of the project, started in April, 2004 and scheduled to be complete in May 2005, has focused on preserving and upgrading the Sen. Village – his father’s native village, Hoang Tru Village – his mother’s home village, and the tomb of his mother.

In Hoang Tru Village, architects have maintained and restored the residential area of Hoang Xuan Duong, President Ho Chi Minh’s maternal grandfather. In addition, a road leading to the area has been built and a cultural and historical space nearby together with some houses next to Mr. Duong’s house have been restored.

At Sen. Village, the project has concentrated on restoring and preserving those relics concerning Uncle Ho’s childhood, the house of his teacher – Mr. Vuong Thuc Quy, the house of President Ho’s paternal grandfather, Mr. Nguyen Sinh Nham, and the worshiping place of the Nguyen Sinh. A communal house, a banyan tree, and places displaying personal effects belonging to President Ho Chi Minh and documents associated with his years in Sen Village are the highlights in the project’s preservation work.

Under the project, the tomb of Mrs. Hoang Thi Loan has had its sides consolidated with granite, while its original grave and hand-loom stylized roof were kept intact. In addition, a road leading to the tomb was upgraded to facilitate pilgrims’ travel.

The restoration and preservation of the Kim Lien relic sites have been greatly assisted by famous historians and architects.

(Vietnam Net)

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