Puert Escondido

Puert Escondido is a beach resort on the Pacific. Beaches, a great surf and other watersports are the favourite pass-time activities here.

Puerto Escondido is is located some 300 km south of the state capital of Oaxaca.

The city is especially popular with tourists from all over Europe. Besides surfing and sunbathing, activities in Puerto Escondido include swimming, snorkeling, sports fishing, scuba diving, bird watching, and ecotours.


There are two main beaches, Playa Principal and Zicatela, as well as several other smaller beaches. The Playa Principal is in the far northeast of the bay, directly in front of the oldest part of town. It is 500 meters long with fine, gray sand and low to moderate surf. This is the primary place to hire boats. These boats take tourists to otherwise-inaccessible beaches, to see porpoises and marine turtles or for deep-sea fishing.

Playa Zicatela is the other major beach of Puerto Escondido. It is separated from the other beaches by an rocky outcropping called El Morro. The beach is 40 to 50 meters wide and a couple of km long with large waves that reach up to 6 meters. It is a world-class place for surfing.

There are several other notable beaches. Puerto Angelito is a 100-meter beach with low surf. Playa Manzanillo is separated from Puerto Angelito by a rocky outcropping.

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